Bunnell’s Overhead Door, Inc. offers 4 styles of continuous gutter systems with a wide variety of color choices in aluminum or steel. Bunnell’s Overhead Door, Inc. has a very experienced gutter installation division that has been servicing Douglas County for many years. There is no job to small or large for Bunnell’s Overhead Door, Inc. Each continuous rain gutter system is custom-made to the exact specifications of each house. We measure, manufacture and install each piece of gutter system on-site. We know gutter does more than just move water, it protects your most precious investment: your home.

Gutter styles offered:

  • 5” K Style
  • 6” K Style
  • Box Bottom Fascia
  • Half Round

Continuous rain gutters offer the most efficient way to channel and drain rainwater. Seamless metal gutters by Bunnell’s Overhead Door, Inc. catch all roof runoff and carry water to downspouts without leaking or dripping. Continuous Gutters have no unsightly seams to leak or catch debris. The gutter and all components are all color matched to give your system a completely finished appearance.

Our continuous gutter systems are now finished with Dura Coat XT-10. This paint contains Teflon surface protector. Tests have shown the Dura Coat XT-10 with Teflon surface protector protects your gutters and home better than standard paint. Here’s why:

  • It’s harder and stronger, so it lasts longer and resists scratching.
  • The slippery surface repels dirt, which makes gutter cleaning as simple as aiming a hose. Gutters also resist “tiger striping,” the dirty vertical streaks common to gutters.
  • The surface resists fading, salt and pollution.
  • Dura Coat XT-10 with Teflon surface protector performs better in hot climates where other paints fail. Even the inside of the gutter is coated with Teflon surface protector to keep the interior cleaner and improve water flow.

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